Bombshell Glove


All of our award-winning Bombshell Rod Curling Irons come with this Styling Glove to help protect fingers from heat when styling.  But if you’ve lost or damaged your Bombshell Styling Glove or need an additional Styling Glove for your heat-styling needs, then look no further!

Why do I need the BOMBSHELL GLOVE? 

  • Helps protect fingers and hand from iron heat
  • Can be used with any clip-less curling iron
  • One size fits all
  • Made of cotton



The Styling Glove is not a safety glove. It will not protect your fingers or hand from burn. Never place gloved fingers or hand directly on the Rod Barrel. Only use the Styling Glove to hold the ends of your hair around the Rod Barrel. There must always be hair between your fingers and the hot Rod Barrel.

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