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The 23 Best Curling Irons and Wands for Every Budget


When it comes to curling irons, size really does matter. And the same goes for shape. Different curlers do different things, so the kind of tool you need really depends on what size or shape curl you're looking for. 

There are small barrels for tighter curls, large barrels for looser ones, and tapered, clipless, motorized, and interchangeable wands for just about any curl in-between. There are even swirled barrels that will show you just what your curls will look like before you even push the on button. 

It's a lot to navigate, for sure — but that, fellow beauty geeks, is why you can turn to us. No matter what kind of curl you're looking to create or what your budget happens to be, there is a curling iron, wand, or newfangled gadget out there for you, just waiting to give you the ringlets or waves you're longing for

No matter which one you pick, the pro advice remains the same: Curl from the roots, down. ""The ends of your hair are more delicate and don't need nearly as much heat to curl," Dallas-based hairstylist Kirsten Patterson previously told Allure. Another smart top from Patterson: Never use hairspray before curling — only after. "Hairspray and heat from the curling iron can really dry your hair out, so it's important to only use it once you're finished styling." Instead, use a heat-protectant spray

Trust us: We've looked thoroughly, and — lucky you — we've rounded up some of the best options at a range of price points. So go ahead: Whether you splurge or save, your hair will look fabulous with one of these picks.


Sultra Bombshell One-Inch Curling Rod

All you have to do with the Sultra Bombshell One-Inch Curling Rod is wrap random pieces of hair around it (switching directions with each section) to nail Gisele-style waves. Added bonus: The ceramic iron gives curls more bounce and shine than metal irons do.