Beauty Independent | July 2019 Press Hit

Does It Really Take Two Years To Build A Blockbuster Beauty Product?

Brittany Daily, global brand manager of Sultra

Launching a product or a collection within the beauty industry, in my experience, is an extended process in which the timeline can range from around nine months to a year and sometimes even beyond that. If you are creating a new ingredient blend that is typically not used heavily in the beauty industry already, there will certainly be a time that testing needs to be accomplished even outside of working internally within your company to ensure that all blends are compatible and sustainable when introducing your products into the world and out to consumers.

Sultra has formulated a new innovative haircare product line that has taken us over a year to perfect, with all six products launching in fall 2019. This collection had quite the lengthy formulation and testing process, mainly because our ingredient deck is utilizing skincare-like properties for the hair and scalp,while disrupting the beauty industry by not only crossing over the skincare industry and haircare world, but will also be bridging the gaps between the clean beauty space and cosmeceutical brands. When launching these type of never-been-done formulations, there needs to be room for error because, quite simply, the product needs to prove stable, and anything from too much fragrance or not enough of emulsions can cause ingredients to separate. Not only are the formulations something that would need time to test, but you also have the job of sourcing the correct components such as bottles, tubes etc. that allow for the perfect application.