"Best Hair Tool" Bustle.com Beauty Awards ANHxSULTRA Collection 1.25" Curling Iron

The 5 Most Innovative Beauty Tools Of 2022

Bustle Beauty Awards 2022

The beauty and tech worlds get more intertwined by the day, and innovations in the beauty tools category have brought results you’d previously only get in-office to the comfort of our own homes. The power of social media like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok has made it easier than ever to tap into (and learn about) practices like lymphatic drainage, facial massage, depuffing masks, microcurrents, and strategic sleeping methods — plus, the tools to try them at home. Not only do the best beauty tools perform a distinct function on their own, but, when used optimally, they facilitate better results and even magnify the benefits of the products you already own. Ahead, check out Bustle’s best beauty tools of the year.

Best Hair Tool - 
ANHXSULTRA Curling Iron 1.25"

This sleek curling iron might just be the Rolls Royce of curling irons. The matte-black packaging earns points for design, and the Korean ceramic barrel glides through hair with no tugging or pulling, but it’s the perfect waves and curls it delivers that secures its spot as the best hair tool our testers tried. “I had AMAZING curls that lasted two complete days!” says BDG staffer Sam Rullo.