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These Are the 12 Best Curling Irons for Thick Hair, Hands Down

Fine hair often gets tons of attention, with lots of products and tools that are designed to address its specific needs. Curly hair gets the same, though it sometimes feels like thick hair gets the short end of the stick. But even if you’ve been blessed with full, thick strands, that doesn’t mean that any ol’ styler or hot tool will work for you—thicker tresses need some dedicated attention, too. Take curling irons, for example. Everything from temperature settings to barrel material to shape can make all the difference when it comes to styling your voluminous locks, no matter whether you’re going for beachy waves or retro, brushed-out curls.

A titanium barrel coupled with an ion emitter make for a friction-free surface that won’t pull or tug on the hair. This allows for one-pass styling, which further minimizes the likelihood of heat damage. The clipless rod is also perfect for creating beachy waves.