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How to Curl Short Hair: 4 Quick and Easy Tutorials for Gorgeous Curls and Waves

When it comes to styling, short hair can be intimidating. If you decided to go short for summer after lusting over the hottest summer hairstyles but now have no idea how to curl your new 'do, you're not alone. While a wavy bob or a coifed pixie cut may look effortless, knowing how to style these cuts is key.

How to curl short hair with a curling wand

  • Shield your hair using a heat protectant before you begin styling.
  • Roll 1 inch pieces of hair around a 1 to 1½-inch wand.
  • Leave out the very ends out to create natural-looking waves, and start working from the top down to ensure hair doesn't get too poufy — it's okay if some of the pieces underneath are left uncurled.
  • Once hair is cooled, comb through the waves with your fingers to make them more piecey.
  • Finish with a hair serum to add in shine and moisture.

    Pro tip: When using a curling wand, try alternating directions you curl the hair for a more dimensional finish.