The Chic Confidential | April 2019 Press Hit


OMG I’ve wanted to shoot a video on this for FOREVER!! I feel like every time I post a photo on Instagram, I get a plethora of DMs from you guys asking how I get those messy wavy curls.

Before I get into it, here’s the thing you have to remember – I have naturally curly hair. So, it’s sort of easier for me to style my curls the way I want. I mean, some days are annoying and my curls won’t listen to me. But most days, with the right tools and products, my hair does what I tell it to. No fuss.

The key is to achieving these messy wavy curls are the right hot tools.

The curling wand I use is by Sultra. It’s from their After Hours collection, and it’s the 1 inch that I’m using in the video. I LOVE this wand for so many reasons! It’s got a titanium barrel which heats the hair well and glides evenly across each strand. It heats up super quick. The ion emitter creates SMOOTH curls with no frizz. And it gives you SEXY curls.