The Zoe Report | August 2021 Press Hit

The $10 Hair Tool All Curly Girls Need For A Frizz-Free Finish

Like many curly-haired girls, I have a dynamic relationship with my hair. Some days the curls spiral counterclockwise, forcing me to change my styling tactics. Other days the previous chemical damage (relaxers and Japanese hair straightening) overtakes them and alternates the pattern, and I’ll opt for a different concoction of products. Regardless of how my curls behave, over the years, my greatest trick to a good hair day (sans frizz and loads of shine) is drying my curls properly.

  • What are the benefits of using a diffuser? Diffusers are also great to hold styles in place and create volume. “Diffusers help create volume while taking the weight off the hair, so that the curl pattern can stay stable during drying,” says Dale Koenig, Director of Sales and Education for Sultra. “This will allow for bouncy, frizz-free, and separated movement of curls and waves.”
  • How to use a diffuser. Next, part your hair in the desired place. “Shake your curls to allow the hair to lay in its natural flow before diffusing,” says Koenig.