Yahoo! | September 2021 Press Hit

The Master Of “Cool Hair” Is Making It Easier For You To Get The Look At Home

Anh Co Tran has been called the godfather of cool hair. Many know him as the traveling stylist and friend of fashion influencer Aimee Song, the visionary behind her signature sharp bob, which has become somewhat of a must-have accessory at Fashion Weeks from New York to Paris. He also cuts Jake Gyllenhaal’s hair. No big deal.

For Tran — who cuts and styles 25 clients in a busy day — a fast-moving curling iron was essential, and no hot tool out there was perfect. As a seasoned stylist of twenty years, an artist, and an innovator in his own right, Tran made a move to custom design his own. He partnered with haircare brand Sultra, and they started from scratch, sketching then developing Tran’s dream irons, two professional Marcel options, and two (easier to wield) thumb-clamp irons, each available in 1.25″ and 1.5″ barrels.